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About the veteran-owned Companion Memorial Crematorium
December 17, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Photo of a service dog who's owner plans on usuing the Companion Memorial Crematorium for cremation services.

Who we are

Since 2005, Companion Memorial Crematorium has offered professional crematory services for pet owners in and around The Hudson Valley in New York. Our reliable, compassionate, and expeditious services manifest our dedication to helping families find closure during a very difficult time.

We are affiliated with the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County and are located on the beautiful gardens of the Hospital. Our state-of-the-art equipment, clean facilities, and dedicated staff welcome guests to say goodbye to beloved pets in a special way.

We are veterans working for veterans

We are a 100% combat veteran-owned company that does a lot of work for other veterans. As veterans ourselves, we know how important pets are, especially pets who are service animals to disabled service members. The use of service animals for emotional support and therapy has risen significantly over the years. As service pets pass away, we are proud to be able to let them say goodbye respectfully and memorably.

Out of respect, a cut of our sales goes to a veteran charity, and we offer free pet insurance for veterans and first responders. The Warrior Companion is a nonprofit founded to provide pet insurance for service animals of veterans who have a disability. Our goal is to provide funding for veterans to care for their service animals that may not covered by Veterans Affairs (VA).

We want our veterans’ service companions to live long and healthy lives, and we know it can be expensive to train and care for these animals. It is our goal to make sure they are cared for so that they can stay with their veteran.

What we offer

Our mission is to provide you with a special way to say goodbye to your companion to help you and your family with grieving your loss. Whatever route you go, our passion is to help you find the best solution for your pet’s final rest. Our service goes beyond pet cremation. Your pet will be treated with respect and dignity throughout the entire process.

Our variety of services are designed to help you get through this time by offering a complete selection of pet memorial merchandise, pet caskets, urns, and transferable residential yard markers. Our reasonably-priced products are handmade with great time and dedication put into each item.

Our cremation process follows a comprehensive standard operating procedure to ensure that cremains are always returned to the rightful pet owner. We offer something for everyone, no matter the weight or budget.

Private cremation

Our private cremation offers you the ability to view your pet in our private viewing parlor while they are being cremated. This service ensures your pet’s remains are returned to you in the urn of your choosing for you to keep and cherish.

Group cremation

We know you may be going through some challenges right now. Our group pet cremations ensure your pet gets the proper memorialization they deserve, but at a reduced cost on your end. Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber along with other pets. Together, they will be cremated and taken to a private memorial garden to be re-scattered.

Individual cremation

Owners who do not want a private cremation can keep their pet's remains, along with a certificate of cremation, through our individual cremation service. Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber with other pets, each of which is kept separate, ensuring remains are returned to the proper owner.

In-home pet euthanasia

A final trip to the vet can be difficult for you and your companion. That’s why we offer in-home pet euthanasia through our hospital affiliate, Animal Hospital of Sullivan County. We provide veterinary house calls to help with the decision and end-of-life care for your animal.

Whatever questions you may have, our staff can answer them for you. Contact us for more information or a tour of our facility.