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How to Support a Friend Following The Cremation of their Dog in the Catskills, NY
January 14, 2021 at 3:30 PM
Offer comfort to a friend after their dog cremation in Catskills, NY.

Many of us struggle to comfort friends after their dog has passed away. Finding the words to articulate the depth of their loss is difficult. While most pet owners opt to cremate their companion, there isn’t an opportunity to acknowledge the passing of their best friend, as there is during a funeral and memorial. You’re not alone if you’re grappling with how to articulate your compassion and feeling inadequate in providing support.

Here are ways to support a friend after their dog’s cremation in the Catskills, NY.

Offer a space for them to talk about their loss and mourn their dog’s passing.

Sometimes you don’t need to offer specific words of condolence, but can simply be present to let them talk about their grief. Having a friend who’s an empathetic listener and expresses an understanding of their pain provides comfort for someone whose dog has recently passed away.

Letting someone talk through their grief without commentary or judgment is crucial for providing support and friendship during a difficult time.

Share your memories of their dog, or donate to a charity in their dog’s honor.

Many people find comfort in hearing others’ memories of their pets. Knowing that others will remember their dog can make the pain of grief less poignant. It may be emotional sharing stories with your friend after their dog’s cremation in Catskills, NY. Still, they’ll likely find comfort in hearing about their best friend.

In the case you feel uncomfortable sharing your memories of your friend’s dog, you can also donate in the dog’s name to a charitable organization. It’s a gentle way of showing your friend you honor their loss while also helping pets in need.

At Companion Memorial, we donate 10% of our proceeds to the Warrior Companion Charity, which provides veterinary care for veterans’ service animals. If you purchase a keepsake, urn, or gift card to honor your friend’s dog, you’ll be helping veterans provide care for their companions.

Help them celebrate the life of their dog.

Experiencing loss is an inevitable part of pet ownership. When your friend’s grief is less palpable, you can suggest several ways to honor and celebrate the life of their dog. By keeping the memory of their pet vibrant, you can help them heal and move on from the loss.

  • Hold a funeral: even if their dog was cremated, you could hold a funeral to share memories and say goodbye. Consider an outdoor ritual at a beloved park.
  • Plant a memorial garden: a small garden with perennials to honor the dog keeps the memory of a companion close, year after year, as the flowers return.
  • Make a photo album or scrapbook: these days, most people’s photos live on their phones and computers. Help your friend select cherished pictures and order prints or a bound album for their coffee table.

While loss is an expected part of dog ownership, it doesn’t make the grief following a dog cremation in the Catskills, NY, any easier. By remembering your friend’s dog with them, you can help them through the pain of their companion’s death.

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