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What You Should Know About Pet Cremation Services in Catskills, NY
January 7, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Get all the information about pet cremation services in the Catskills, NY

A lot of questions arise during the tough time at the end of a pet’s life. Navigating them is deeply personal, and depends on what’s right for you, your family, and your best friend. While nothing can make those choices easier, it’s crucial to have all the information at your disposal. An essential component of mourning and healing is deciding what you will do with your pet’s remains.

Most people never consider this question until after their pet has passed. You don’t want to face it for the first time while also coping with grief. There are several options for what to do with your pet’s remains:

  • Home burial: if you own your home and have outdoor space, you can bury your pet on your property. However, some local ordinances prohibit at-home burial.
  • Cemetery burial: dedicated pet cemeteries exist in every state. You’re able to plan a formal funeral and know your pet’s remains will be safe and undisturbed.
  • Cremation: the most common option for pet owners is cremation. A crematorium picks up your pet’s remains and returns the ashes at a later date.

You shouldn’t rush the decision about which option is right for you. Here’s what you need to know before you decide on pet cremation services in Catskills, NY for your companion.

What is pet cremation?

Pet cremation uses the same equipment as traditional cremation services. The process is relatively straightforward and provides you with options for personalizing the service to your family’s wishes.

  • Your vet will transfer the remains to your chosen pet crematorium.
  • You can opt to be present for a private viewing during cremation.
  • The crematorium will place your pet into a cremation unit alone or with other animals for communal cremation.
  • When the unit is turned on, heat will vaporize your pet’s remains into dry dust and ash. The time to cremate your pet depends on the size of the animal. Guinea pigs and rabbits spend less time in the unit than large dogs.
  • You can choose to have your pet’s ashes returned or leave respectful disposal up to the crematorium.
  • Returned remains will be placed in an urn of your choice and delivered to you or your vet’s office.

Companion Memorial treats the remains of every pet with respect and compassion, understanding that they are a treasured member of your family. We are the Catskills primary crematorium because of our reliable, caring staff.

What is the difference between private and communal cremation?

Most pet crematoriums offer both services; the right one for you and your family is a personal choice.

  • Private cremation: your pet is the only animal in the cremation unit throughout the process. The crematorium collects the ashes and returns them to you. This service comes at a higher price point.
  • Communal cremation: the pets of multiple families go into the cremation unit together, with respectful partitions between them. They are cremated together, but you can still opt to have your animal’s ashes returned to you.

There are myriad decisions you have to make regarding your pet’s remains after they pass. If you want more insight or guidance, reach out to the compassionate staff at Companion Memorial.

For more information or to arrange pet cremations services in the Catskills, NY, get in touch with Companion Memorial.

Companion Memorial is the Catskills preferred state-certified and licensed pet crematorium. We offer compassionate and reliable end-of-life services for pets including group and individual cremation with options for private viewings. We offer an array of urns for preserving and protecting your pet’s remains.

Companion Memorial is combat-veteran owned. We offer discounts for veterans and work with Warrior Companion to provide veterinary care for service animals. For more information or to inquire about our cremation services, get in touch, or fill out our online cremation form.