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Pet memorial ideas from Companion Memorial Crematorium
September 18, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Pet memorial ideas from Companion Memorial Crematorium

Pets become part of the family, so when they pass, it can feel just as devastating as losing any other family member. Many pet owners find comfort in providing a meaningful memorial for the loss of their furry loved one.

At Companion Memorial Crematorium in Ferndale, NY, our goal is to provide you with a special way to say goodbye to your beloved pet. We’re sharing some of our favorite memorial ideas to help you honor your pet's life for years to come:

1. Residential yard markers

Residential yard markers serve as the perfect remembrance of your pet. They don’t have to necessarily be used as grave markers, making them an excellent option if you want something that isn’t permanent. You can easily take them with you if you decide to move.

These customizable pet memorials come in a variety of different options, including flags with a photo of your pet, engraved stone markers, lawn signs, and more. The team at Companion Memorial Crematorium can help you find the perfect residential yard marker at our shop.

2. Cremation jewelry

If your pet was cremated, you can keep some of their ashes to create a beautiful piece of jewelry and other keepsakes. The ashes can be transformed into crystals of various colors and settings.

To make crystals, the ashes are heated at high temperatures until everything but the carbon has been oxidized. The remaining carbon is then heated until it turns to graphite, and then the graphite is put in a press with a diamond seed crystal. After another heating process, the graphite turns into a beautiful crystal.

Whether you set the crystal in a ring, necklace, or bracelet, you’ll always have a way to keep your pet close to you after they’ve passed. Your pet’s ashes can also be set in resin to create a beautiful pendant.

3. Custom urns

If you’d like a more traditional way of honoring your pet’s life, you can order a custom urn to hold their ashes. Companion Memorial Crematorium offers a large selection of beautiful urns to choose from after your pet is cremated at our facility.

We also have many options for customizing your urn, such as including laser-engraved images of your pet, adding memorial plaques, and much more.

4. Memorial stones

Memorial stones, also called cremation stones, are beautiful pieces that contain small amounts of your pet’s cremains. They are typically made by encasing the pet’s ashes in blown glass, resulting in a stunning glass stone.

You can personalize your memorial stone in any way you’d like, and you can wear it as a pendant or simply cherish it as a keepsake.

5. Pet loss trees

When your beloved pet passes, why not honor their memory with the celebration of new life? Pet loss trees are a unique way to express your grief and remember your pet’s life for years to come.

You can either plant a tree in your pet’s honor in your own yard, or you can participate in a program that allows you to plant a memorial tree in a U.S. National Forest. Not only will your tree serve as a touching remembrance of your pet, but it will restore local forests.

Speak to the caring team at Companion Memorial Crematorium

At Companion Memorial Crematorium in Ferndale, NY, our number-one goal is to help you cherish the memory of your pet’s life. We offer a variety of cremation services and memorial items to preserve your pet’s legacy.

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